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  • Discover Herbert D. Ryman

    Rarely without a sketchbook, Herbert D. Ryman’s early training in fine arts was rooted in drawing from observation and shaped his lifelong artistic approach.

    Ryman was the artist called upon—during one legendary weekend in Burbank—to give visual shape to Walt Disney's dream of the world's first theme park, Disneyland and continued to work on every Disney park until he died in 1989. Ryman was also an exhibiting fine artist, particularly prolific in watercolor, pen and ink, and oil.

  • Artist

    “Be inordinately fascinated with the world – its people, its history and geography…My own dream of happiness would be to live in every spot on our globe.”

    - Herbert D. Ryman

    Cormorant Condominium (Kenya) c.1983, oil, 30” x 48”

  • Mentor

    Ryman’s boundless generosity, versatility, and ability to create a mood with a brushstroke has inspired generations of Disney artists, particularly at Walt Disney Imagineering. Even as he achieved fame working for Walt Disney, Ryman was a lifelong student of the figure. He inspired and joined in weekly life drawing sessions for fellow Disney artists and taught classes.  While his students sketched this model, Ryman drew her too.

    Petrouchka Limited Edition Print available here.

  • Legacy

    “Is it any wonder that those of us who marveled at how an artist could be “Walt’s wrist” for his most important theme park and resort projects, and at the same time ‘live’ and paint in another world of ocean spray and circus clowns and globe-trotting travels…that we had to create a program for young artists in his name? Herb Ryman --- the man, the artist, the inspiration, the bon-vivant –lives on.

    - Marty Sklar, Ryman Arts Co-Founder

    Photo: Herb Ryman and Marty Sklar  


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