Al Dempster - The Evans Ranch (unframed) Signed, Limited Edition Print


Al Dempster
The Evans Ranch (unframed)
Signed, Limited Edition Print 

21"H. x 27"W. 

A star background artist in Disney animation features from Fantasia (1940) to the Winnie the Pooh featurettes (1966-77), Al’s designs and illustrations for more than a dozen Disney Golden Books are prized in many households (and on EBay).


Disney Artists and Friends Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

For about a dozen years beginning in the late 1960’s, a group of Disney designers and their spouses, headed originally by Richard Irvine and his wife Ann, raised scholarship funds for art students. A yearly art exhibit and sale was held; the very first show, featuring the work of Herb Ryman, was held at the Hancock Park home of Disney Legend Harrison “Buzz” Price and his wife, Anne Price. Each year, an artist’s work was reproduced for the event. The prints shown below are the very prints from those DAFCA (Disney Artists & Friends of CalArts) shows. Now these prints (with original signatures by the artists) are available for sale to the public, many for the first time. All proceeds support the students of Ryman Arts. 

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